State Metal Industries

ISO 9001:2015



An ISO 9001 certified company, SMI’s highest quality alloys meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. We continually strive to improve our manufacturing process, our product quality, and the service we provide.

We understand how the quality of end product effects the success of our customers’ end product, which drives our commitment to produce top quality ingot and sow. We also stock many of our customer’s different alloys. SMI product excellence helps our customers gain a competitive edge in their businesses.

SMI’s modern plant uses the finest processing equipment and is staffed 24/7 with skilled, experienced management. We maintain precise lot control and operate in strict environmental compliance while ensuring that customers obtain maximum metal recovery.

For scrap suppliers, SMI can provide on-site hoppers, roll-off containers and trailers for scrap storage and pickup. We competitively purchase scrap or toll and return specification ingot or sow as required. We also understand customers’ timely delivery requirements. We employ our own truck fleet and common carriers deliver our finished products or pick up scrap metal.

SMI’s people also make a difference. Experienced production supervisors, knowledgeable sales force and highly skilled technical staff allow us to be an aluminum resource that provides efficient, total customer service for our customers.


“State Metal Industries will continuously improve its products and production process to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers; and will strive to deliver to them defect-free products and services on time, every time.”


 State Metal Industries, Inc. will strive to continuously improve its products and processes to better satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers; and will deliver to them defect-free state of the art quality Aluminum Ingots, products and services.

La Norma De La Calidad 

State Metal Industries, Inc. se esforzará por mejorar continuamente sus productos y procesos para satisfacer mejor las necesidades y expectativas de sus clientes; y entregará a los defectos de vanguardia calidad lingotes de aluminio, productos y servicios.

SMI certified brand ingot is listed as good delivery against the LME Aluminum Alloy Contract (“AA”) and the North American Special Aluminum Alloy Contract, (“NASAAC”).

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