State Metal Industries, a ISO 9001 Registered & Certified company, is the Tri-State’s #1 Source for Aluminum Alloy Products.

Alloy Sales

State Metal Industries ships product worldwide and is one of the highest efficiency secondary smelting plants If you need state-of-the-art aluminum ingots & sows choose State Metal Industries, Inc.

Scrap Purchasing

Aluminum scrap to sell? State Metal Industries, Inc provides maximum metal recovery for industrial suppliers of aluminum scrap, for industrial & post-consumer aluminum sellers.

Our History

If you’ve driven an automobile, been in an airplane, turned on a light switch, or barbecued steaks, chances are you’ve used an State Metal Industries, Inc aluminum alloy product.

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001 Certified & LME Registered, State metal Industries, Inc operates 24/7 at our four-acre facility, continuously striving to improve our products & production processes.

Scrap Storage & Pick-Up Solutions

For scrap suppliers State Metal Industries, Inc. can provide on-site hoppers, roll-off containers and trailers for scrap storage and pickup. We competitively purchase scrap or toll and return specification ingot or sow as required. We also understand customers’ timely delivery requirements. We employ our own truck fleet and common carriers deliver our finished products or pick up scrap metal.

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Experience & Reliability 24/7

ISO 9001 Certified and LME Registered, State Metal Industries, Inc. operates 24/7 at our four-acre facility, continuously striving to improve our products and production processes. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

For more than a half century State Metal Industries, Inc. has been an industry recognized supplier of standard and specification aluminum. Over the past three decades SMI has melted, recycled and demilitarized material for private and public-sector entities including the U.S. military and governmental agencies. Private industry relies on State Metal Industries, Inc. to melt proprietary dies, molds and reproduction plates so their trade secrets don’t get into competitors’ hands.

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Alcoa’s Materials Management unit has named State Metal Industries, Inc.
as one of its top 10 scrap processors.